Where to Put the Fireplace

We are having difficulty deciding what to do. We are building a house with a great room (next to an open kitchen) measuring 22′ x 23′. The back of the house, which is the back wall of the great room, has a wonderful view of a golf course and large gorgeous hills in the distance.

My husband and I do not like the look of a fireplace and media center mixed, and we hoped to have a beautiful fireplace in the great room as well. My husband would like to have the fireplace in the middle of the back wall of the great room, which is the wall of the amazing views.

I think I’d like to find another place for the fireplace (so as not to block any of the gorgeous views), like maybe even the corner of the view wall and the wall that will have the media center on it.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you so much!



This is a good question. I’ve seen both arrangements that you describe work well.

The fireplace could definitely be placed between French doors or large windows facing towards the view. A traditional fireplace could have a mantel and a large painting above to provide a strong visual focus to the room. A contemporary vent-less fireplace could have another large window above.

Alternatively, the fireplace could be placed in the corner between the view wall and the adjacent end wall, or it could placed on the adjacent end wall with the entertainment center in the corner on an angled wall.

I suggest you think about your furniture. What large pieces of furniture are you planning to use and what is their optimal arrangement?

You may want to consider what people will focus on when they enter your Great room, and what you want to be able to see from the Kitchen. Are you planning to watch television, or do you want to see the fireplace?

Most importantly, think about how the room will be used and how much time will be spent looking at the view, the fireplace, or the television. Your Great room should be designed for optimal enjoyment of those elements which get the greatest use.

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