Wainscoting Ideas

Companies such as WainscotingAmerica.com have developed a design system that will give you the ability to design custom wainscoting panels in minutes and place orders that will ship in 3 business days. They specialize in one piece wainscoting that is milled from a 5’ x 10’ sheet of MDF. The one piece wainscoting product reduces your installation time and you will not have stile or rail seams to caulk or worry about cracking in years to come.

Think outside of the wainscoting box and add some creativity to your project. Below are some simple but elegant wainscoting ideas that you can incorporate into your home. The possibilities are endless.

Note: All photos below are courtesy of WainscotingAmerica.com

Raised panel wainscoting in a bathroom

Add 3 dimensional depth by stacking a thin panel in front of the wainscoted wall. This technique also can be used to break up a wall and provide symmetry to the panels behind the sink and toilet as in this example.

Split raised panels

At times you will run into tight spaces and trying to fit a raised panel with a right and left stile will not be practical. Splitting the raised panel so it flows through the corner is a great solution.

Wainscoting incorporated into window trim

You can integrate wainscoting below windows and use it to trim your windows and doors.

Staircase wainscoting

Enhance your foyer with wainscoting going up your staircase.

Shaker (flat) panel style wainscoting

Another poplar wainscoting style is the shaker style. In this example the entire wall is paneled.

Enjoy! Carl Heldmann

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