Using Attic Space Wisely

Is using attic space, say over garage, a cheap alternative opposed to making additional first floor square footage?


I think you’re onto something.

The market value of any house is largely determined by location, condition, and size. You can’t change the location, so if you want to increase your home’s value, you have to fix it up or expand it.

Unused attic space above a garage can provide an excellent, cost-effective opportunity for expansion. An existing garage foundation can almost always support an additional floor without modification. If the roof is tall enough, you may be able to finish the existing space beneath it. If not, it may be possible to raise the roof or add dormer windows to it.

Make sure you can make good use of your new space on the 2nd floor. If the master bedroom is adjacent to it, the space can be used for a study. If several smaller spaces are adjacent, you may be able to create a hallway between them, and use your new space as a bonus room.

My home plan website,, has many examples of how this space can be used. You may want to look in our plan gallery for some ideas.

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