LVL-Engineered Wood-Laminated Veneer Lumber

Is all LVL Engineered Wood created the same? Once plans are down and you know loads, how can 3 different building companies give you 3 different prices?
Gouging I guess?
I was told that there are only 3 big companies who make
this …is this correct?

Actually, there are a dozen or more engineered wood manufacturers, but only a few may be available in your area. The Engineered Wood Products Association has a good list.

These companies can price their products differently because they are proprietary, manufactured products. Beams from one manufacturer cannot be easily substituted for those of another. These products are not commodities like a 2×12 joist which can be purchased from dozens of suppliers.

I would count myself lucky to have several manufacturers to price out. A few years ago, there might not have been a choice.

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