How to Finish Basement Walls


You hear many conflicting stories about how to finish a basement wall, what
is the correct way. I have no water in my basement but the condensation is high.

I want to finish the walls. Can I use a 2×4 wall with  paper backed batt insulation then sheet rock?

I hear all this about foam board and then I hear about
plastic sheeting over fiberglass batt insulation.

Witch is the correct way?

Thank you,

Hi Joe,

You might want to consider Rigid Foam Insulation. I would not put insulation batts (fiberglass) anywhere near a basement wall. Insulation batts are like a sponge.

Here is a video from Dow that does a good job explaining moisture prevention.

rigid foam insulation
Click here to watch

Installing insulated foam sheathing on the interior walls of an existing basement helps prevent heat loss and moisture problems.

Now you are ready for drywall (“Sheetrock”).

Good luck and thanks for writing,


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