How to Find a Good Architect

My husband and I are preparing to build a house in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and we are wondering how to go about finding a reputable architect and also what steps we should take to be best prepared to meet with an architect.

We have studied many online plans and have narrowed down what we are looking for. I have also made an attempt at putting it into a plan using some Better Homes and Gardens Home Design software we have.

We are also planning to be our own General Contractor so we have a lot to learn. Thanks!


A good way to find an architect is the same way you would find any professional- through a referral from a friend or family member. If someone you know and trust can recommend an architect from their direct experience, that’s a great place to start.

Look around your neighborhood and surrounding area for new houses that are generally the size and style you want to build. If you can find one, you may also have found your architect. Always ask for multiple references and check them carefully.

To prepare for meeting an architect, you should have a general idea of your program (how many and what kind of rooms) and a few images of the style you are considering. You can use magazine clippings or sketches you have made, but think of these as just a starting point for discussion; it will be the architect’s job to design the house.

If you’re planning to be a first time General Contractor, I would look for an experienced architect with plenty of completed projects. Possibly, you can find one with actual construction experience.

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