How to Find a Builder

I am considering between buying an existing house versus buying a lot and building a single family home to suit.

My father built the home I grew up and he has offered his contracting services. He asked me to get 3 independent home builders quotes. 

Do you have any recommendation on Chicago area home builders? I am trying to find some guidance on which of the many home builders in the Chicago area to use, as there are so many.

My budget is around 500k which includes materials, labor, and purchase of the lot.


Hi Leona,

Here is an example of the cost to build a house in Kankakee, IL (Cost to Build a House in Illinois). It should give you a rough idea of the cost to build in the Chicago area.

Design Connection, LLC  Plan n586

As for finding Chicago area General Contractors or home builders to build you a new home, I recommend you contact the nearest local association of NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) for member names.

Here is a link from NAHB to find an association near you: FIND YOUR LOCAL BUILDERS’ ASSOCIATION

You could also visit areas where the types of home you desire are under construction, and get the names of builders there.

You could also visit building material suppliers or home centers for names of builders that do new home construction.

Friends, friends of friends, open houses, a local “Parade of Homes”, local Home designers and/or Architects, etc. are also excellent sources for getting names of local home builders

Get at least three references from each builder you contact and check those references.

Be sure to get those three references from each builder!

The references should be from satisfied customers and my feelings are that if a builder can come up with three satisfied homeowners, you could be number 4.

Get three building material supplier references as well to make sure that they pay their bills on time.

A bank reference would be wise too as new home construction lenders have to approve builders.

If you have any other questions as you proceed, let me know.
Carl Heldmann

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