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Aloha Carl,

We’ve been researching costs to build an addition to our house here in Honolulu. Your site doesn’t list Hawaii, so I thought I’d contact you.

In discussing with architects and draftsman, we’re getting widely ranging estimates of $100- $350 per sq foot for an add on of a free standing 1000 sq foot residence over our current lanai. Any input is appreciated or info on how to get an accurate estimate.

Aloha Don,

Unfortunately, you did not give me any of the particulars of your planed addition that affect (greatly) the cost of building a home addition.

Photo of a Lanai courtesy of The Rhapsody St. John

So, I ran the cost to build calculator found on my “Getting Started” page for building a simple 1,000 sq ft addition in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii.

I used  Quality Class # 6 on the calculator, indicating  building to Minimum Standard Quality all the way through and came up with an estimated approximate 2016 cost of $104,686,  including a General Contractor markup of $10,336.

That comes out to $105 per sq foot. Of course, choosing higher qualities would produce higher costs.

You could easily triple that cost depending on the quality of materials and design you choose.

As I have stated in previous posts, the cost per sq ft for small structures (home additions) is almost always higher than for larger structures, because subcontractors may want a few more dollars for their labor because they could be earning more on a larger job for almost the same amount of time, and because expensive costs such as roofs, foundations, etc. are being spread over a smaller sq footage.

Anyway, it’s interesting that I came up with a number close to your lowest bid.

Be sure and read my two articles on the cost of building additions, Cost of Home Additions, and Cost to Build a Home Addition with Basement Garage.

Carl Heldmann, 2016

(Aloha Mr. Heldmann,

Thank you for your assistance- greatly appreciated.

Mahalo nui loa- Thank you very much.


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