Get House Inspected Before You Buy


The concrete floor in the garage of a house my son is wanting to buy is scored I suppose for expansion, creating four equal sections.

There are poured curbs that sit on the slab along the length of the outside walls that hold the bolts that the wall sills are bolted to.

In line with the score on the floor, cracks are present in these curbs that support the exterior wall on each side of the garage.

Are these concrete cracks normal? The cracks are visible on the outside of the house also in the foundation, in line with the scores in the concrete.

The perpendicular score that runs parallel with the outside walls, down the center of the garage is in line with another crack in concrete poured between the garage slab and the first slab of the driveway.

This looks like a monolithic slab pour, with no outside foundation wall serving as a perimeter.

What do you think about the cracks?


Hi Mark,

I think all cracks in concrete should always be investigated. Some could be merely cosmetic while some could be structural failure or signs of a potential structure failure.

I hate it when I hear people, even builders,  say, “Oh, concrete is supposed to crack”, or some such other nonsense.

There is an old saying in home building, as well as in other fields; “If it doesn’t look right, it’s probably not.”

Call the local building inspection department (Free) and/or a licensed home inspector (Not too expensive), or better yet, a structural engineer (more $ but more knowledge).

Here’s another old expression. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

I wouldn’t buy any home, even a new home without an inspection.

Carl Heldmann

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