Construction Estimating Software

Construction Estimating Software gives a new home buyer the opportunity to learn the cost to build any style, size, design, or quality new home in their city before they even shop for a lot, home plan or a home builder.

Detailed, powerful, and easy to use, Resi-Cost’s patented construction cost estimating software provides a full breakdown of home building costs and the ability to instantly allow you to give your contractor’s bid a “reality check”

Never before have you had the ability to accurately, easily and quickly determine the construction cost of building your dream home and if needed, know what to revise to bring it back in budget.

This is the same construction cost estimating software used by professional builders and architects.

Construction cost estimating software features:

  • Explore the cost impact of different design and material choices.
  • Over 4,000 home design options
  • Room by room special finishes, cabinets and tops
  • Detailed cost reporting for every building system
  • Proprietary 40,000 zip code costing database
  • No software to buy and install
  • No blueprints needed
  • Estimate at any design stage
  • Stop and come back anytime

Gain cost control. Build or buy that dream home today.


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