Latest Home Design Articles

Modifying Home Plans Made Easy

You can make small modifications to the home plans on this web site and make changes to your dream house plans.

Cost of Home Plans

Creating an entirely new set of custom home plans requires a considerable amount of time and expertise. Design fees vary considerably based on these factors

9ft Ceilings vs.10ft Ceilings

The primary reason to build higher ceilings in your new home is aesthetic. Taller spaces generally feel roomier and more comfortable and more luxurious.

Using Attic Space Wisely

Unused attic space even above a garage can provide an excellent, cost-effective opportunity for expansion.

How to Find a Good Architect

A good way to find an architect is the same way you would find any professional- through a referral from a friend or family member. If someone you know and trust can recommend an architect from their direct experience, that’s a great place to start.

Wainscoting Ideas

Wainscoting or Wall Paneling Systems, add elegance and distinction to your home. Wainscoting ideas that you can incorporate in and outside your home are simple, elegant and endless in design.

Cost of 2 Story House vs. One Story

Two-story construction is cheaper than one-story. Two of the most expensive parts of a house are the roof and the foundation. A two-story home with the same square footage as a one-story has half the roofing costs and half the foundation costs. There are also economies in plumbing and heating in two stories.

Steel Framed House-Design-Engineering

Virtually any house plan designed for wood construction can be converted to steel frame construction.