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Construction Estimating Software

Construction Estimating Software gives a new home buyer the opportunity to learn the cost to build any style, size, design, or quality new home in their city before they even shop for a lot, home plan or a home builder.

Building Costs per Square Foot

Home Building Cost per Square Foot depends on many variables including size, home design, building material and labor price comparisons, and building site access difficulty

Cost to Build a House in Dallas Texas

Cost to Build a House in Dallas Texas This one level home is perfect for a Sunbelt region. Steep pitched hip roof and stucco walls add to the curb appeal. A Lanai (a veranda or roofed patio) and an isolated guest or teenagers bedroom with an adjacent full bath make this house plan a winner. […]

How Much Does It Cost To Build a House?

If you earn how to estimate the cost to build a new home you will also learn how much the Builder’s or General Contractor’s profit is.

What is Included in a Home Building Cost Estimate

Keep in mind that the cost to build for this example, or any house plan, can vary considerably depending quality of materials selected, and on actual bids for labor and material…

Cost to Build a House in Southern California

Building permits, and fees, are included in the cost to build a house for all homes in all states. The cost of permits and fees will vary widely from state to state and from locale to locale within any given state.

Average Cost to Build a House

The $100 /sq ft average cost to build a house you keep hearing about includes everything, including the “Kitchen Sink”…$100 per sq ft however, is what is called the “Median Average” cost.

Cost to Build a House Using a General Contractor

At $105 per sq ft, excluding septic, I think your builder is giving you a fair deal. I doubt if your builder is making $20 per sq ft.

What is Included in the Square Footage of a Home?

When estimating the cost to build a house if the basement is finished in the same quality as the area above grade and with 2 means of ingress and egress in all habitable areas (excluding baths) then in most locales it can be considered heated living space (area) under roof.

How to Finish Basement Walls

How to insulate a basement by installing insulated foam sheathing on the interior walls of a pre-existing basement to help prevent heat loss and moisture problems.