Basement Moisture Problems

Hello Carl, Question for you.

We have a walk out basement facing northwest with split faced block on the outside and last year we had our contractor insulate the wall on the interior because of condensation building up on the inside of the wall in the winter.

Well this spring on a warm day I was down in the basement and noticed that there was water on the floor. Since the wall is not finished with drywall I was able to take a look and see behind the insulation and the block wall is wet.

I’m concerned about mold and I thought insulating the wall was going to stop the condensation. Our basement is heated but only at about 60 degrees, like I said it’s unfinished. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Autumn

Hi Autumn,

Adding insulation to basement walls has advantages similar to adding it to stud wall cavities and the ceiling. Insulation eliminates cold surfaces where condensation can occur, and insulation cuts energy costs.

You should read my page on basement insulation on You are wise to be concerned about mold. Other problems such as wood rot can occur too.

Carl Heldmann 2018

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