Cost to Build a House in Southern California

“Hello, I would like to know about how much I’m looking at cost wise to build a 2 bedroom new home in LA County, California…I already have the land.

Are permits usually included in the total cost? If not, what is an approx cost for permits?

Hi Cynthia,

Yes, permits, and fees, are included in the cost to build for all homes in all states. The cost of permits and fees will vary widely from state to state and from locale to locale within any given state.

The cost of permits and fees can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

A phone call to your local building inspection department can give you a run down on what permits you will need and the approximate cost of permits and fees.

Permits are usually required for building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, well, septic, driveways, grading, etc.

Fees are required for water and/or sewer tap-ins, and any other services provided by third parties.


Here is a “Breakdown of Building Costs” for the  home above. Click on the image to enlarge.

The cost of permits and utilities for this new home was $2,410

You can use this  “Cost to Build Calculator” (It’s free!)  and play around with different house sizes and qualities.

Just as a useful tip, you’ll find it doesn’t cost much more to build an extra bedroom or two.

You will also find that it is easier to get financing on a 3 or 4 bedroom than a 2 bedroom house.

A 2 bedroom home will “take a licking” on the appraisal your lender will order.Always build for “resale”. Lenders are always looking at resale value, you should too.

Good luck,

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